About The Ikigai Diet

The Ikigai Diet is a diet I constructed based on the diets of Japan’s centenarians and Shizenha people, young naturalists, as well as recent scientific discoveries. It is a high fiber, largely plant-based diet, rich in what the West would consider superfoods.

When you think of Japanese centenarians, the residents of Okinawa come to mind thanks to books like The Okinawa Way and, more recently Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. It was back in the 1980s when Okinawa was regarded as an island of longevity. The truth is Okinawa is not the only prefecture to have a high concentration of centenarians in Japan.

There are many healthy centenarians living in all prefectures of Japan. More recently, prefectures such as Nagano and Shiga have held the highest concentration of centenarians in Japan.

It’s Not a Blue Zone. It’s A Lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, there is no one “Blue Zone” in Japan but rather a unique diet and lifestyle practiced in the rural areas of most of Japanese prefectures that results in the local residents living into old age with healthy bodies, sound minds and happy hearts.

This lifestyle is known as Satoyama Living.

Satoyama Living

Like much of Japan’s traditional culture Satoyama living is an ancestral lifestyle that has lost its significance in the modern age. Fortunately, though, there are groups of Japanese who have returned to this way of living. These people are called Shizenha, young naturalists who have moved to rural areas of Japan, choosing to lead a more sustainable way of living.

They have adopted a Satoyama lifestyle like the Japanese of old; growing their own rice and vegetables through organic farming, making fermented foods at home, bringing up children surrounded by nature and recovering the traditional Japanese diet. Not only have they inherited the natural culture; they have also upgraded it to a way applicable to the modern age.

The Ikigai Diet

The ikigai diet offers you the opportunity to embrace a healthy diet inspired by the wisdom of Japan’s centenarians and the knowhow of the Shizenha, Japan’s emerging naturalists.

Through my books, a newsletter, videos, and webinars, I aspire to help you live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Sachiaki Takamiya

Sachiaki Takamiya

My name is Sachiaki Takamiya. I am the founder of The Ikigai Diet and Ikigai Bio-Hacking.  I developed these two health methods based on centenarians in Japanese blue zones and Shizenha people, Japanese naturalists who live in the countryside leading organic lifestyles. I live in a small rural town called Hino town in Shiga Prefecture, one of Japan's longest-lived prefectures. I practice a Satoyama lifestyle there, growing vegetables and making fermented foods. Although I am 60 years old, I have had no problems at medical check-ups so far, and I was diagnosed that my vascular age was 21 years younger.