Cocoa and Hemp Protein Bread

Recently, I have been making bread with cocoa powder and hemp protein powder. Both cocoa and hemp are good for us and make the bread slightly healthier.

Planting Seeds in the Spring

On Sunday, I planted some seeds before it started raining. It began raining about one hour after I finished planting. It was perfect timing.

Superfood Mashup: Sweet Potatoes and Burdocks

Sweet potatoes are famous superfoods eaten a lot in the Southern part of Japan including Okinawa, the island of longevity. Burdocks are known for having a lot of dietary fiber. When you chew burdocks, you feel the fiber, as if the entire vegetable consists of fiber. 

Cherry Blossoms, Yoshuku, and Ima Iwai

I developed a custom that I call Ima Iwai out of Yoshuku. Ima means now, and Iwai means celebration. Ima Iwai means celebrating the present moment, appreciating here and now.