How to Lead a Long and Healthy Life Starting in Your 50s: Satoyama Running

I wrote about exercises for leading a long and healthy life. One exercise I love to do recently is Satoyama running, which is to go running in the countryside.

This article series is a rewritten version of the series I have already written in my other blog Omi-merchant’s way of Sustainable Prosperity. I am adding some new features here since my knowledge is upgrading day by day.

I have been going Satoyama cycling a lot, but unless you cycle for long distance, it doesn’t become enough exercise, so I started running, as well.

It is often said that too much jogging can damage your knees, so I do it moderately. When I get tired, I walk and relax. Then I start running again. This seems to work well. It’s not too strenuous and it has a more aerobic effect than walking.



My son sometimes comes along, and it is nice to run with him. We can enjoy the view of the mountains and rice paddies, the sound of birds and the smell of fresh air, including the smell of compost-haha.