Satoyama life

Satoyama Nordic Walking along Water-filled Rice Paddies

Rice paddies have water now, and people will plant rice next week or so. The end of April to the beginning of May is the rice planting season in Japan. It is a beautiful time to go walking or cycling and my regular morning Nordic walking gives me further pleasure.

Combining a Hot Spring with my Intermittent Fasting Routine

Maybe I should go to a hot spring every weekend so that I can create a good balance sequence of stress and break. Alternating stress and break is a method recommended by Yu Suzuki, the author of Furo Choju Method, A Method of Immortality and Longevity, another best-selling book on the topic of longevity.

Planting Seeds in the Spring

On Sunday, I planted some seeds before it started raining. It began raining about one hour after I finished planting. It was perfect timing.