Satoyama life

Ikigai Diet Life in October

Wednesday the 27th was a special day called Tenshabi, which is a day when everything you do is forgiven by gods. It was a good day to start something new. So, I decided to shoot a video with a podcast microphone.

Shizenha: Japanese Future Centenarians

The Ikigai Diet didn’t only model the centenarians in the Japanese Blue Zones, they also modeled Shizenha people who I think are the healthiest people in Japan and will be longer living centenarians in the future.

Satoyama Nordic Trekking

It was much longer than my usual Nordic walking route, so I can almost call it Nordic trekking.

Permaculture for Longevity: Finding a Town where You Naturally Have to Move a lot

Dan Buttner says that the environment is the biggest factor determining one’s happiness. You can use positive psychology to change your mental state, and yet, it isn’t easy for everyone to do that. However when you change your living environment so many outside factors will help you feel different. For example, if you move to Denmark or Finland, countless elements can support your happiness.

Well, in that case, can you move to a place where you can naturally live long?

My Son’s Summer Holiday is Over

My son’s school began today. He managed to do most of his homework this year, which is the first time for him. He hadn’t done his homework before and we, the parents, didn’t care about it either since we don’t believe in homework that much. For us, having multi-sensory experiences are more crucial. He got all those experiences, too.