Satoyama life

Satoyama Mountain Biking

My son finally got a mountain bike. We often go Satoyama cycling, cycling in the countryside, but he had a regular bike before and it was a little difficult for him. This is his old bike. This one is much better. We don’t cycle on mountain trails, just regular flat country roads, but some roads …

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Finally, I Gave a Talk About Our Stay in Dartington and Totnes

I talked about vegetarian and organic food scenes in Totnes, Totnes Market, Apricot Centre and Biodynamic farming, Schumacher College, Transition Town Totnes and Reconomy Project, Bioregional Learning, and how we can apply some of the things happening there in our town. Many key figures from our town gathered, including 2 members of the town hall, one member of the local parliament, a farmer who used to be a member of community-reactivating cooperator squad, a school teacher, a researcher at a university and members of the Local Network.

What is a Bioregional Project?

What is a bioregional work? When you think of a diet, you need to understand the concept of a bioregion, since it is Shindofuji to find ingredients in your bioregion.

A Biodynamic Farm and Well-being Centre

The Apricot Centre on Huxhams Cross Farm a biodynamic farm in Dartington Devon. There were some synchronistic incidents happened on this trip such as bumping into Satish Kumar when I walked into Schumacher College( he is often away) and meeting my Emerson College senior at my talk. And now this magazine article. Wow! It looks like this trip does have some meanings for me.

Totnes Report A Sustainable Hub of the U.K.

Almond Thief is a hub of alternative people in Dartington and it has a great vibe. I managed to give a talk on a sustainable movement in Japan, and a workshop on the Ikigai Diet in Dartington, Devon.

Satoyama Cycling in Summer

One great thing about Satoyama cycling is that the scenery changes a lot month by month. Rice has grown a lot more from May and rice fields are much greener now.

I’ll Be Giving a Talk and Workshop in Dartington Devon England

I’ll be giving a talk and workshop at Apricot Centre Huxhams Cross Farm in Dartington Devon in July. I’ll be talking about a new lifestyle emerging in Japan called Satoyama living including Kawaguchi style natural farming, Kominka living, a lifestyle of half farming and half something else, transition initiatives in Japan, ecovillages and local networks, an open-air market movement, and a political grassroots movement.