How Making Natto at Home Changed My Diet by Natto King

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My son and I had the opportunity to enjoy our first swim of the year at Lake Biwa.

It’s always refreshing to incorporate lake swimming into my workout routine during the summer, adding variety to my exercises. From Nordic walking to jogging, jog-walk intervals, bodyweight strength HIIT, sprinting, soccer, cycling, and now swimming, I truly believe in the benefits of diverse physical activities for both the body and mind.

Engaging in different exercises helps develop various muscle groups while introducing a welcomed change in the routine. It brings about a sense of freshness and rejuvenation, reminiscent of our active youth.

In my latest video upload, I explore the value of DIY natto, a topic also covered in my new book, “Natto Unleashed.” I share how incorporating homemade natto has transformed my diet. While natto is not a mandatory component of the Ikigai Diet, it is highly recommended. However, even if you choose not to consume natto, embracing other principles such as Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I, Ichiju Sansai, and cooking techniques like Nimono, Sunomono, and Aemono can still bring great benefits.

Nevertheless, including natto in your Ikigai Diet is even more advantageous. And taking it a step further by making natto at home adds an extra dimension to the experience. Curious to know why? I invite you to watch the video:


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