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How to Eat Seaweed Without Putting It in Miso Soup

We eat a lot of seaweeds in Japan because we put them in miso soup and we have miso soup almost every day. However, in your case, you may not consume miso soup on a regular basis. In that case, how can you have seaweed in your diet?

Superfood Mashup: Avocado Natto Toast

I just saw an advertisement for Australia on Facebook and it was introducing some popular Australian dishes with colorful pictures. One of the dishes was avocado toast. As soon as I saw the photo, which was very eye-catching, I pictured myself sitting at a cafe in Australia and having it. Then, out of the blue, I felt it would go very well with natto.

Cocoa and Hemp Protein Bread

Recently, I have been making bread with cocoa powder and hemp protein powder. Both cocoa and hemp are good for us and make the bread slightly healthier.

Superfood Mashup: Sweet Potatoes and Burdocks

Sweet potatoes are famous superfoods eaten a lot in the Southern part of Japan including Okinawa, the island of longevity. Burdocks are known for having a lot of dietary fiber. When you chew burdocks, you feel the fiber, as if the entire vegetable consists of fiber.