Satoyama Cycling: Japanese Bio-Hacking

Satoyama cycling is another form of bio-harmonizing, Japanese bio-hacking. It is country cycling, and what is wonderful about it is you can be aware of natural surroundings.

Shindofuji: Japanese Bio-Hacking

Shindofuji is another concept in bio-harmonizing, Japanese bio-hacking. It was originally a concept in Zen Shojin Diet and now has become part of the Japanese natural food movement.

Three Reasons Why I Don’t Take Supplements like NMN or Resveratrol

In the field of anti-aging, supplements like NMN and Resveratrol are in the spotlight these days and many people take them. Well, I don’t take them and I have never taken these kinds of supplements in my life including regular dietary supplements. Today, I will tell you why I don’t.