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How to Eat Seaweed Without Putting It in Miso Soup

We eat a lot of seaweeds in Japan because we put them in miso soup and we have miso soup almost every day. However, in your case, you may not consume miso soup on a regular basis. In that case, how can you have seaweed in your diet?

Amazon Diet

In the tropical rainforest, there are millions of different species, each one serving unique roles to create the forest. In your diet, too, you don’t need a specific supplement to do the job, it is a collective effort of each nutrient or bacterium. You want to have a wide variety of them, instead.

The 333rd Post and the Updated Version of The Ikigai Diet

I am so excited to announce that I have updated The Ikigai Diet book on my 333rd post.

Yes, this is the 333rd post since I began this blog.

As you know I started doing intermittent fasting in February, and have incorporated autophagy in the Ikigai Diet since then. Therefore I decided to update the book to add that element. 

Three Ways to Activate Autophagy

Autophagy is now considered to be the key to our health and longevity.

So, how do we activate autophagy?

There are several ways but today I will share with you the three most common ways.