local food

Shindofuji: Living Locally and Seasonally

Shindofuji is a concept in the Ikigai Diet meaning eating locally and seasonally, but it is common in the Japanese natural food movement. It is practiced in the Zen Shojin diet and macrobiotic diet, as well.

Kyotango: a Japanese Blue Zone

There is another area that is in the spotlight as a blue zone in Japan, and that is the Kyotango area in the northern part of Kyoto.

Shindofuji: Japanese Bio-Hacking

Shindofuji is another concept in bio-harmonizing, Japanese bio-hacking. It was originally a concept in Zen Shojin Diet and now has become part of the Japanese natural food movement.

Local Fiber Can Benefit Us More

In the last post, I said diverse fiber can feed diverse gut microbiomes. I also feel fiber from locally grown plants has more benefits and I think it is to do with the bacteria in the plants.

International Day of Happiness

In addition to being the spring equinox, it is the International Day of Happiness tomorrow. Last year I published the Japanese version of the Ikigai Diet, and celebrated it with our local sake called happy. It is Japanese sake and it was brewed locally in Hino Town by an Omi-Hino-merchant called Yao Brewery.