Loosening Your Tension: Shizenha Bio-Hacking

As I stated in Bodyweight Training and Stretching, in Chapter 14, we have a different perspective on being fit in Japanese natural health. Being fit means having flexible muscles and joints, not necessarily having big muscles.

Three Benefits of River Swimming as Shizenha Bio-Hacking

Today, my son and I went to the upper stream of Echi River in Oku-Eigenji for a swim. Here, water was much colder than that of lake Biwa, so it has a further benefit as bio-hacking. There are three benefits of river swimming as Shizenha Bio-Hacking.

Kayaking Can be Another Form of Shizenha Bio-Hacking

Kayaking can be another form of Shizenha Bio-Hacking. Well, all outdoor sports can. Shizenha people love outdoor sports. Many of them go mountain climbing, cycling, snowboarding,  canoeing, and kayaking. 

The First Biwako Swimming This Summer

On Saturday, my son and I went to Lake Biwa for swimming. It was the first time this summer. In Shiga Prefecture, we usually swim in lake Biwa and it is just like the sea for us.