Ikigai: Japanese Bio-Hacking

Today, I would like to share with you another Japanese bio-hacking method, Ikigai. 

How could Ikigai be a bio-hacking method? It isn’t a diet. It isn’t a fasting technique. It isn’t an exercise. And it isn’t any kind of healing method.

Well, I think it is the core of bio-hacking and bio-harmonizing.

Shinrinyoku: Japanese Bio-Hacking

I uploaded a new video on Shinrinyoku, forest bathing. Shinrinyoku, forest bathing is a Japanese bio-hacking method. In other words, it is a bio-harmonizing method. In many ways, bio-hacking done in Japan is bio-harmonizing.

Bio-Hacking vs. Bio-Harmonizing

I have been talking about bio-hacking and bio-harmonizing, and yesterday I uploaded a new video called Bio-Hacking vs. Bio-Harmonizing.

Bio-Harmonizing Yourself through Bio-Steam

Another thing you can do to bio-harmonize yourself, instead of bio-hacking, is to use a method called Bio-Steam.

Bio Steam is a new form of healing hot in Japan at the moment, and it is a way to absorb the essence of natural herbs through their steam.

Bio-Harmonizing with Japanese Natural Health

While bio-hacking is more science and technology-oriented, bio-harmonizing in the Ikigai Diet is keeping a balance between ancient wisdom and modern science. I incorporated many aspects of Japanese natural health into the Ikigai Diet. Zen Shijin diet, ancient Japanese martial art, healing methods such as Shiatsu, Seitai, and acupuncture are all part of Japanese natural health, which was initially influenced by ancient Chinese medicine.