Hare and Ke Autophagy Fasting

Hare and Ke Autophagy Fasting is you practice 17 hours fasting for 5 days a week and take a break on the weekend.

Japanese Blue Zones’ Diet Has Gotten Over 2000 Views

My video entitled Japanese Blue Zones’ Diet has gotten over 2000 views, which is the biggest among all my English videos. I know it isn’t a lot of views but for me, it is the first time to go over 1000. (I have videos in Japanese that have over 10000 views, but it is a new record in English)

17/7 Intermittent Fasting

This is my 19th week since I began intermittent fasting. That means I have done it for over 4 months now. I started with the 16/8 method, where I fast 16 hours a day, but recently, especially since the 4th month, I have been fasting about 17 hours a day. This is because people like Dr. Mindy Pelz say that it is more effective if you fast for 17 hours.