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Permaculture for Longevity: Finding a Town where You Naturally Have to Move a lot

Dan Buttner says that the environment is the biggest factor determining one’s happiness. You can use positive psychology to change your mental state, and yet, it isn’t easy for everyone to do that. However when you change your living environment so many outside factors will help you feel different. For example, if you move to Denmark or Finland, countless elements can support your happiness.

Well, in that case, can you move to a place where you can naturally live long?

We Had a Meeting about an Organic Market

Yesterday, some of us from the Local Network Hino had a meeting about an organic market. There is a cafe in the central area of Hino town, and we might be able to use the parking lot of the cafe on Sunday mornings.

Hinona Cafe

I went to a Hinona cafe held at Hino Station today. It was an event to promote Hinona, which is an heirloom radish grown in our town. I introduced it in chapter 8 of the book.