Five Health Benefits that Make Natto the King of Superfoods

I have never seen anything like this. You can say a lot of things about broccoli or avocados, but Natto is exceptional. It is flawless and most doctors and health practitioners agree with me on this point. It was selected to be the healthiest food by 300 doctors in Japan, you know.

Superfood Mashup: Avocado Natto Toast

I just saw an advertisement for Australia on Facebook and it was introducing some popular Australian dishes with colorful pictures. One of the dishes was avocado toast. As soon as I saw the photo, which was very eye-catching, I pictured myself sitting at a cafe in Australia and having it. Then, out of the blue, I felt it would go very well with natto.

Autophagy Boosting Spermidine filled Fiber Rich Super Natto Dish

I had a special natto dish. It is steamed vegetables with kimchi and natto.  It has ginger, garlic, carrots, onions, broccoli, Shimeji mushroom, burdock, daikon leaves, and hijiki seaweed. I mixed them with natto and kimchi, and added olive oil, hemp seeds, and soy sauce.