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Superfood Mashup: Avocado Natto Toast

I just saw an advertisement for Australia on Facebook and it was introducing some popular Australian dishes with colorful pictures. One of the dishes was avocado toast. As soon as I saw the photo, which was very eye-catching, I pictured myself sitting at a cafe in Australia and having it. Then, out of the blue, I felt it would go very well with natto.

Seven Autophagy Activating Superfoods

I have been introducing some foods which can boost autophagy one by one, and today, I will list all of them together, adding some new ones, as well. There are more than seven, actually, but you don’t need to know too many, and seven is a lucky number, so I’ll just list seven.

Spermidine, an Autophagy Activating Polyamine

One thing he discussed in the book which I hadn’t seen in other books on autophagy is spermidine. Spermidine is a polyamine that can activate autophagy. It is found a lot in fermented foods such as miso, soy sauce, and natto.

Can Natto Activate Autophagy?

Natto is another food supposed to be good for autophagy, according to Dr. Tamotsu Yoshimori, the author of Life Science Nagaikisezaruwoenaijidai no Seimeikagakukogi. He was a co-researcher of Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi, the 2016 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine.