Ikigai: Japanese Bio-Hacking

Today, I would like to share with you another Japanese bio-hacking method, Ikigai. 

How could Ikigai be a bio-hacking method? It isn’t a diet. It isn’t a fasting technique. It isn’t an exercise. And it isn’t any kind of healing method.

Well, I think it is the core of bio-hacking and bio-harmonizing.

Going Local Can Help You Find Your Ikigai

Yesterday, I attended a symposium in our town, and Kazumasa Sashide, the editor in chief of a famous magazine called Sotokoto spoke there.

Sotokoto features many projects happening in small rural towns and villages across Japan. Kazumasa Sashide is the author of a book called Bokura Wa Chiho De Shiawase Wo Mitsukeru, We Find Our Happiness in the Countryside. He depicts many cases of young people moving to the countryside and finding their Ikigais.