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Ikigai Diet Life in October

Wednesday the 27th was a special day called Tenshabi, which is a day when everything you do is forgiven by gods. It was a good day to start something new. So, I decided to shoot a video with a podcast microphone.

Bio-Harmonizing on Summer Solstice

Looking at sunrise is a great way to bio-harmonize. You want to do that on days like solstices or equinoxes, but in general, it is good to absorb the morning sunshine. If you can’t get up before sunrise, it doesn’t matter, you can still look at the morning sun and do Shinon Kansha meditation. 

Amazon Diet

In the tropical rainforest, there are millions of different species, each one serving unique roles to create the forest. In your diet, too, you don’t need a specific supplement to do the job, it is a collective effort of each nutrient or bacterium. You want to have a wide variety of them, instead.

Which is More Important Evidence or Experience?

Recently, there is a flood of books on diet and longevity written by doctors and scientists showing all kinds of medical data and scientific evidence.

On the other hand, there are many books written based on people’s experiences. Some of them are based on personal experiences, and others are based on the experiences of a group of people such as a community. Books about the blue zones are under this category.

Which is more important evidence or experience?

The Spring Energy is Still There for You to Tune into

I told you that there were seven things you can do on the spring equinox day, and you can still do them. The spring energy is still there and this awakening energy is the one you want to tune into. It isn’t over after the equinox, it will continue to get stronger as it gets warmer.

International Day of Happiness

In addition to being the spring equinox, it is the International Day of Happiness tomorrow. Last year I published the Japanese version of the Ikigai Diet, and celebrated it with our local sake called happy. It is Japanese sake and it was brewed locally in Hino Town by an Omi-Hino-merchant called Yao Brewery.