Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity

Yoshuku: a Japanese method of Manifestation

In the past, people had cherry blossom viewing parties not just to celebrate the blooming,  but also to celebrate the rice harvest in Autumn in advance. The cherry blossom was a symbol of a good harvest and prosperity. By celebrating the good harvest in advance, people thought they would manifest that reality. 

Sanpo-Yoshi Wishes on the First New Moon in the Age of Air

It is usually good to make wishes on the day of the new moon, and it is more so since we are in the age of air. That is another characteristic of the air age; we are more in tune with our subconscious mind to deliver our wishes. 

Praying at Benzaiten on a Day of Financial Fortune

It was a day of financial fortune today according to the Japanese lunar calendar, so I went to a Benzaiten shrine in our town. Benzaiten is Sarasvati in Sanskrit, and is said to give you wealth, and it is good to visit a Benzaiten shrine on a day like today.