Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity

Mindset You Need to Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this pandemic, we need to be careful with our minds. Fear is everywhere. Whenever we turn on the TV, we hear a report about more people have gotten infected and died, or how hospitals are packed with patients, or how many more people lost their jobs and so on. I strongly urge you that you control your mind, not get affected by what you hear. While they can be true, it won’t help you if you are overwhelmed by it. One thing I do is to feel happy and positive all the time, no matter what happens. This pleasant feeling will send a positive vibration to your gut bacteria, and as a result, it will boost your immune system.

How to Tune into the Energy of Summer Solstice

How to Tune into the Energy of Summer Solstice. A secret meditation I practice called Ima Iwai is a way to connect your mind and gut. It helps your gut health and therefore overall well-being.

West Meets East

As I was Nordic walking today, I saw a wheat field and a rice field side by side showing a good contrast. The wheat is ready to be harvested and the rice was recently planted.  We don’t grow that much wheat compared to rice in Japan, but when we do wheat is grown in winter and rice is grown in summer: They represent the opposite elements.

Cherry Blossom and the Law of Attraction

How I came up with Ima Iwai, which means to celebrate the here and now. It is from a Japanese version of the law of attraction. We have had a concept called Yoshuku or Mae Iwai, which is to celebrate your future success in advance as if it has already happened. Cherry blossom viewing was one such a practice; it was a celebration of the year’s rice harvest in advance.