Happy Spring Equinox in the Age of Aquarius

It was the spring equinox today, the first universal new year’s day in the Age of Air leading to the Age of Aquarius.

I began my day with Nordic walking. Dandelion started appearing.

Buds are getting bigger on a cherry tree.

Everything is awakening.

I lay down on the ground, sprawling out on my back, like the Vitruvian Man, and did earthing. It felt wonderful to touch the earth and look at the sky.

I also got plenty of morning sunshine. It was the perfect way to start the equinox.

The Japanese version of the Ikigai Diet was renewed today.

Also, the website of the Local Network Hino was set up today.

A lot of new beginnings.

At night, we had our Ikigai dinner with Happy, the local sake made by Yao brewing. The perfect sake to drink on the International Day of Happiness.

We had a Natto dish.

Fermented Zakkokumai, fermented brown rice black rice, black beans, azuki beans, and adlay.

kinpira gobo.

Steamed Nabana. Nabana is just in season and it has full of spring energy.

On top of that, we had typical Japanese Hare(festive) dish Tempura,

and Sashimi.

First, I had a local craft beer called Baka larger.

Then, Happy.

I wonder what country became the happiest today.

Finland came in 1st for the fourth consecutive time. Amazing.

I am glad I am doing Nordic walking.

We also celebrated my wife’s birthday, which is in two days but since it will be during the week, we decided to celebrate it today.

A lot of happy events.

Well, happy spring equinox and happy International Day of Happiness!

To the Age of Aquarius, cheers!


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