Is Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint Blasphemy or Liberation from the Matrix?

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Recently, someone asked for my opinion on Bryan Johnson and his biohacking method, Blueprint. Initially unfamiliar with him, I delved into various videos, including some by Bryan himself, to understand his approach.

For those not acquainted with Bryan Johnson, here’s a brief insight: He’s distinct from Liver King, often a source of confusion. Bryan Johnson, a vegan, is an entrepreneur investing two million a year in biohacking. He diligently monitors every metric, from blood markers to bone density and cholesterol levels, all under his method, Blueprint. This approach stands as one of the most comprehensive and intense biohacking methodologies, verging on transhumanism. Bryan relentlessly pursues perfection, seeking the ideal paths for exercise, diet, sleep, and supplementation. He consumes around 100 different types of supplement pills daily.

Residing in Los Angeles, Bryan ensures minimal exposure to outdoor pollutants, maintaining superior indoor air quality through specialized air-conditioning. His home gym is adorned with forest-themed imagery to simulate a natural workout environment.

While I’m still learning about him, here are my thoughts based on my observations.

Initially, I wondered if altering human biology might contradict some divine blueprint, if such a thing exists. Could this lifestyle be considered blasphemy?

Yet, I also pondered whether this could signify liberation from a proverbial Matrix. Perhaps, for the first time, we’re understanding and breaking free from limitations once beyond our control. The idea of our helplessness might be a form of mind control by this hypothetical ‘Matrix’.

For more insights, check out the video:


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