Seven Autophagy Activating Superfoods

Now I am back in my regular intermittent fasting routine after the Golden Week. This is actually my 13th week but since there are just two days(yesterday and today) left this week, I am going to start counting from next week. Mind you, my autophagy could have been working even though I had a break from fasting for 5 days, because I have eaten a lot of autophagy activating foods anyway.

I have been introducing some foods which can boost autophagy one by one, and today, I will list all of them together, adding some new ones, as well. There are more than seven, actually, but you don’t need to know too many, and seven is a lucky number, so I’ll just list seven.

1, Miso

The 1st one is miso. Miso and other fermented foods contain spermidine that can activate autophagy.  Soybeans contain spermidine so especially fermented soy products are good. In the Ikigai Diet, I recommend that you have miso soup every day, and now it is more motivating for you.

Miso soup is great not just because it is activating autophagy, but also you put a lot of veggies and seaweed in it.

2, Green tea

Coffee can also boost autophagy but I’ve been told that green tea does more, so having coffee in the morning and switching to green tea in the afternoon, like I do, is a way to go.

3, Salmon

Salmon contains astaxanthin which activates autophagy.

4, Ginger

Ginger is another food that can boost autophagy, and that can explain the Japanese long life again, since we use ginger a lot in Washoku.

5, Olive Oil

Olive oil, of course, the Mediterranean super ingredient. This can explain the effect of the Mediterranean diet.

6, Soy Yogurt

Yogurt in general can activate autophagy but the one made of soy is more powerful since soybeans contain spermidine. If you are doing the 16-hour fast, having muesli in soy yogurt can be good lunch, or I should say breakfast since you are breaking the fast.

7, Natto

Finally, the king. I can not stress more. Natto contains the highest amount of spermidine. You definitely want to have natto every day.

Spermidine, an Autophagy Activating Polyamine

If you have fermented brown rice, miso soup, and natto every day, you are set for your path to a centenarian.

The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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