I Tried Making a Pumpkin Pie for the First Time

It is Halloween again.

This Halloween, I managed to get hold of a big-sized pumpkin to make a Jack o lantern.

You know, we don’t grow pumpkins in Japan, we grow green squashes.


I tried making a pumpkin pie for the first time.  I used a Japanese squash and put the green skin as a topping, too.

For sugar, I used natural sugar, but for cream, I used regular cream sold at a supermarket. I know some people try to make a vegan cake or organic cake, and so on, but for me, it is Hare(festival) occasion, and I usually make exceptions when I make a dessert like this.  It is the same as eating out, it isn’t something you do every day. You can make your life easier this way.


It was delicious.



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