The Matrix Resurrections: Review

It snowed a lot this weekend and it was the first time to have this much snow in the middle of December around here in many years.

It was full moon yesterday and I did my reflection of the year as I recommended in my last post. I will share with you my reflection in another post,  but today I would like to share with you my impression of The Matrix Resurrections, which I also watched yesterday.

In order to avoid being a spoiler, I try not to refer to the story as much as possible.

First, I was very surprised to find only 10 people in the theater. Well, it was a theater in the countryside, yet, it was a pretty big cinema complex in a major shopping mall and it was the 2nd day of the premiere. Come on! it is Matrix. It tells me that the movie industry is in crisis now. Hollywood, that supergiant industry is losing its glory?

It looks like Big Tech is winning from the pandemic, but Hollywood isn’t unless they are making a lot of profit from streaming services.

That tells one thing that WB needed to make the Matrix 4 just for their survival. Yes, as far as I am concerned, it didn’t surpass The Matrix Revolutions, the story ended there. Unlike StarWars, which was intended to make 9 episodes from the beginning, I think they intended to end the story in Part 3. The plot introduced in part 4 wasn’t convincing enough to say that the story didn’t end in Part 3.

In fact, there even was a talk about making a sequel in the story as a kind of joke. When I saw that scene, I knew it wasn’t just a joke, it was what this was.

Having said that, the movie came out in magnificent timing.  There was a meaning in the Matrix Resurrections to be told.

I don’t know how you interpreted the Revolutions but for me, it showed a kind of ascension. 5 matrix represented 5 ages of human history and it wasn’t just the end of the 6th matrix, but it was the end of a larger cycle. That was what Smith’s line meant at the end. The beginning always has an end. The cycle that had continued 6 times has come to an end, and this time the savor will take the zion to the next level, and that next level was a liberation of both humans and the machines.  The world with the sunlight.

The Revolutions were released back in 2003 and at the time, many people still believed in the New Age and ascension which was supposed to come at the end of 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar.

But it didn’t come. Well, not on a material level. The world continued as it was.  Many people were disillusioned by it and started to think the whole narrative was an illusion or fantasy. People have given up dreaming about the new age. Yes, this giving up attitude appears in part 4.

Although there wasn’t a dramatic transformation after 2012, the world was somewhat progressing. Especially with Obama’s era, people started respecting racial and cultural diversity as well as caring about the environment.

Then came the Brexit and Trump era, which made many people feel the world started going backward. Then came the Biden era, which was supposed to turn things back to normal again, but we live in an even more controlled society.   Maybe many people have begun to realize that nothing has really changed. The world has been controlled by the same old system. Whether it swings to the right or left, it doesn’t matter, the same people were getting the benefits.

With the Great Conjunction, some people began feeling that the new age has come after all. Maybe it wasn’t 2012, it was 2021. You can call it another illusion, and yet, signs are more apparent than 10 years ago with the pandemic and the control. Some people even refer to the book of Revelation to explain the present situation.

Well, it all coincides with other prophecies, too, if you don’t like to refer to the Book of Revelation, the transformation has different phases and we have to endure birth pangs before seeing the light. The astrologers who talk about the Age of Air or the Age of Aquarius, say that the transition takes until 2024, which explains the fact that it doesn’t look new age yet.

And the machine world, too. In the advent of singularity, the Matrix narrative is more real than ever before. With all these online marketing tools and algorithms,  it is now possible to manipulate our minds.

To bring us new hope, they had to tell a new story.


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