Four Hacks in Lake Swimming

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It is during the Obon holiday in Japan now and usually, people go back to their hometown and visit the family’s grave. This year, however, many people have decided not to go home because the reported number of infection is increasing. Well, the reported number is the number of people who got positive with the PCR test and it doesn’t always mean the person is infected. so I find the report misleading.

Anyway, many people have decided not to go back to their hometown, and we don’t have our family gathering at my parents-in-law’s house, either.

For my side of the family, we decided not to visit my parents’ grave since I went back there to inter my mother’s bones at the ossuary just two weeks ago.

We Interred Our Mother’s Bones at the Ossuary.

We are spending the Obon holiday just like a regular weekend. On Friday, we all went river swimming, and on Saturday, just my son and I went lake swimming. My wife isn’t into swimming.

I prefer lake swimming to river swimming because I get to swim a lot more in a much bigger space than a river.

You get to do earthing both at the lake and river, walking on the ground with bare feet. It is, too, more comfortable at the lake since it is on the sand. Mind you, walking on stones at the river has a reflexology effect, painful, but a great foot massage.

Anyway, lake swimming is a fabulous way to shizenha biohack,  you get to walk on the sand along the lake, as well. If you are a little tired after swimming for a while, it gives a change and you are still biohacking through earthing.

Swimming itself is a full body strength exercise. You can train all kinds of muscles by different strokes; including breaststroke. backstroke, the front crawl, and butterfly. It is a good opportunity to test your regular workout. Whether it is a bodyweight or free weight exercise, it isn’t a natural movement. It is a controlled movement for the purpose of training particular muscle groups. In a real situation, you never make such a movement, you use all kinds of muscles all at the same time.  Therefore, from time to time, you want to move naturally, such as walking, running, gardening, lifting boxes or carrying things, and swimming is another form of such a natural movement.

It is a cardio workout at the same time, which means it probably has the same effect as HIIT. You can deliberately make it HIIT, too, by swimming for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, and repeating the process for several sets.

If you dive and stay underwater for 30 seconds or so, it even becomes Wim Hoff’s breathing exercise.

If you have a tube or inflatable float, you can float on the water for a while, and it becomes total relaxation or even meditation. You can feel the sun, water, and wind all at the same time. You feel you are part of nature.

Yes, lake swimming can provide so many hacks.

1, muscular training

2, cardio training

3, earthing

4, meditation

I do enjoy lake swimming a lot.

Lake Swimming: Shizenha Bio-Hacking

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