The Summer Break from Fasting is Over

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I completed the second quarter of Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting this year a few weeks ago, and I had a summer break for about two weeks on and off. This time, instead of taking one straight 5 days off, which would make it 9 days by adding two weekends, I split a break into a few sections. Three days off in the first week and two days off in the second week.  I just wanted to try a different approach.

It was good because I could extend my break to enjoy it longer, yet, I could keep a good balance of fed state and fasted state. In fact, I didn’t feel like having breakfast on the first Monday since I already had the weekend rest, so I did the regular intermittent fasting. I did the same on Tuesday. Then from Wednesday, I ate three meals a day.

I felt eating three meals for one entire week is a bit too long. After a few days, I felt like fasting and giving my digestive organs a break.

This made me think I should just go along with how I feel or how my body feels. I don’t need to stick to the plan such as 5 days of fasting and 2 days of break. Sometimes, I can do 4 days of fasting and 3 days of break or 6 days of fasting and 1-day break, or I can even do 2 days of fast, 1 day break 3 days of fast and 1 day break.

So, in the 7th quarter(3rd quarter this year), I can try this system.

In the quarter system, we can change the fasting style every quarter to create variations. So this time, I will do this flexible approach. I will still have the basic plan of 17 hour fast on Monday, 24 hour fast on Tuesday, 17 hour Wedenesday, 17 hour Thursday, 17 hour Friday and the weekend off, but will change a bit from time to time.

Anyway, now I am back on my regular fasting schedule.

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