Don’t Make Natto from a Packaged Natto by Natto King

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Yesterday was the 15th, and I went to the main shrine in our town again. I usually go there every 1st and the 15th of the month.

There are many trees in the shrine and these tall trees are part of Chinju no Mori, the forest surrounding the shrine. There was a forest surrounding the village shrine I talked about in the post I wrote on Monday, wasn’t there?

A Rice Paddy and a Village Shrine

I shared with you a video on how to make natto from a wild plant, and I uploaded another video related to that today.

I didn’t explain why it was critical to making natto the natural way so much in yesterday’s video, so I wanted to reinforce it.

If you are making natto for the first time, please do it the natural way and not the common way which is to make natto from a packaged natto. It is because Natto kin, Natto germ, whose official name is Bacillus subtillis, will stay in the container once you make natto in it. You don’t want to use the wrong natto kin in the beginning.

Some people choose the common way even though they know the natural way because it is easier. They think it isn’t a big deal since it is just a trial. But if you use natto kin from a packaged natto, it will stay in the container and it will interfere even if you wanted to make one with a wild plant the next time.

The first time is very important. If you go the extra mile to make homemade natto, you might as well do it correctly, so that your effort won’t end in vain.


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