Satoyama in May Gives me Ikigai

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The irrigation ditch is in full operation now.

Half of the rice fields have had their rice planted now.

May is my favorite month. Spring is my favorite season and May is the best month out of the Spring months for me. We have the Golden Week, and rice fields are beautiful everywhere.

The trees are surrounded by fresh greenery. I love going Nordic walking in this season.

Last year, I did a lot of endurance challenges as my Kanereki challenges. You know 60-year-old anniversary.




But this year, I am not going to do these endurance activities. I want to take it easy and do comfortable walking and cycling. Regular Satoyama Nordic walking for about 3 or 4 kilometers is fine. Or 10 kilometer Satoyama cycling. This way, I get to enjoy the scenery more.

I am also writing a new book now. So, writing is a bigger challenge for me, and it is a bigger Ikigai for me, after all.

This one, in particular, is going to be a revolutionary book, and I want to pour all my energy into it.

May 2023 will be remembered as the month of writing this mind-blowing book.


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