My Thought on Zhanna D’Art, the Raw Vegan Diet, and the Reactions from the Anti-Plant-Based Camp

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Did you get a chance to watch this video?

First of all, I need to apologize for a mistake I made in the video regarding the vitamin K2 content. In the video, I mentioned that natto contains 11 micrograms per 100 grams, and tempeh has 4 micrograms, but that information is incorrect. In reality, natto contains around 1000 micrograms per 100 grams, while tempeh only has about 16.6 micrograms, which is roughly 1/60th of the amount in natto. I am truly sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

I sourced the information from Bard, Google’s AI, but it turned out to be inaccurate. This is a reminder that AI, while useful, can make mistakes, and it’s essential to verify information before accepting it. I’ll be more cautious about solely relying on AI for information in the future.

However, the main point remains the same: Natto is a superior source of vitamin K2. If you seek the benefits of vitamin K2 to support your bone health, natto is the better choice.

On another note, you might have heard about the recent passing of Zhanna D’Art, a well-known raw vegan influencer. While the exact cause of her death is uncertain, many media reports suggest it may be related to her diet.

It’s interesting to observe how people from the anti-plant-based diet camp are using this opportunity to strengthen their arguments against plant-based diets. While some of their nutritional arguments may be valid, I find their presentation somewhat one-sided.

Nutrition is just one factor in determining whether a diet is suitable for an individual or not. For many vegans I know, ethical reasons drive their dietary choices. They opt for a vegan diet to avoid contributing to the mistreatment of animals associated with animal product consumption. Unless alternative methods of animal treatment and food production are brought to the table, focusing solely on nutritional arguments might not be entirely pertinent. Additionally, even among nutritionists, there are disagreements about so-called “evidence” like daily protein requirements.

With the completion of my series of natto videos for the release of Natto Unleashed, I had planned to upload a non-natto video next to diversify my channel’s content. This provided the perfect opportunity to offer a discussion on the raw vegan diet from slightly different angles, as a practitioner of the Ikigai Diet, which lies between a plant-based and an animal-based diet. Furthermore, as a Japanese individual, I didn’t grow up with a culture focused on debates and arguments so that I can bring a new perspective to the table.

Here’s the video discussing these aspects. Please give it a watch.


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