What Happens to People over 60 If They Eat Natto Every Day?

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I hope your week of dedicated biohacking has been rewarding.

With the Hare period upon us, do you have any exciting plans for the upcoming weekend?

Here in Japan, it’s a long weekend because Monday is Sports Day.

Autumn is the season of sports, and we recently had a sports festival at my son’s school. This Sunday, there’s another sports festival in our neighborhood, and my son and I are participating in a relay race. I did my sprint practice after my zone 2 jogging yesterday morning. Today, I’m focusing on upper body strength HIIT while resting my legs for tomorrow’s race.

Today, I’m making natto, too. I typically make a batch at the beginning of the week, but the last batch lasted longer.

Speaking of natto, have you ever wondered if it’s suitable for people over 60 to eat it every day? Our metabolism changes as we age, and what’s good for younger individuals might not be ideal for us.

That’s the topic of today’s video:


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