This Natto Dish Made a Natto Hater from Kansai Love Natto

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In my book Natto Unleashed, I highlighted the contrast in natto’s popularity between West and East Japan. Traditionally, natto has been more prevalent in the eastern part of the country.

One region that stands out in this regard is Kansai, encompassing areas around Osaka and Kyoto. Here, the cultural divide is more pronounced. People from Kansai take great pride in their unique culture and cuisine, and they can be somewhat hesitant to embrace dishes from the eastern part of Japan.

This inclination is especially strong in Osaka, where a friendly rivalry with Tokyo, located in the Kanto region, can sometimes translate into resistance against adopting Kanto’s culinary traditions.

Furthermore, this preference tends to intensify with age. It’s influenced by generational factors and the natural resistance to altering lifelong habits that often accompanies aging.

Given this background, it was genuinely surprising to come across a blog post by a man in his late 60s from Osaka. His story is nothing short of a natto renaissance, as he transformed from a natto hater into an enthusiastic natto lover.

For all the details, check out this video:


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