Kawaguchi Style Natural Farming is More Common Than Fukuoka Style Natural Farming Method in Japan

In the last post, I wrote about natural farming, and said it was a method developed by Masanobu Fukuoka or Yoshikazu Kawaguchi. Actually, two methods are slightly different, and Fukuoka method is called Shizen No Ho which means natural farming method, and Kawaguchi method is called Shizen No which means natural farming in Japanese.


While Fukuoka method is well known abroad and most people think of his method when you hear a word natural farming, Kawaguchi method is more widely practiced in Japan. That is because there are many schools teaching his method throughout Japan. Fukuoka method, on the other hand, isn’t easy to learn and even though there are many people who want to study his approach, they give up and end up learning Kawaguchi method.


So what is the difference between the two?


You can watch this video to find out.   



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Fukuoka style natural farming VS. Kawaguchi style natural farming