The Wait is Over: Announcing the Title of My New Book

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You now have a glimpse of what my upcoming book is about from Monday’s post, don’t you? The publication date provided the clue, and with July 10th being Natto Day, it’s clear that the book revolves around natto.

And now, I am beyond thrilled to unveil the title of my new book. Drumroll, please!

“Natto Unleashed: The Secret Japanese Superfood that Will Revolutionize the Western Diet.”

Initially, I contemplated “Natto Revolution” as the title, but “Natto Unleashed” captures the essence more effectively. While “revolution” implies a push for change accompanied by tension, “unleashed” conveys a sense of relaxation and natural progression. All I need to do is release natto to the world, and its powerful properties will spread organically.

Once people discover its countless health benefits, they won’t be able to resist incorporating it into their lives.

Unlike other widely known Japanese foods, natto has yet to gain recognition in the West. Even among superfoods, where health benefits outweigh taste, natto hasn’t often made it onto the go-to ingredients list.

This is rather peculiar because, in Japan, natto is always part of the conversation when discussing healthy foods.

It’s unfortunate that natto is often characterized as an acquired taste rather than being celebrated for its robust health-promoting elements.

Therefore, in this book, my mission is to provide a comprehensive introduction to natto. I’ll share information on its nutritional benefits, a variety of recipes blending Japanese and Western influences, techniques to navigate its distinct flavor, and strategies to optimize natto consumption.

Readers will gain the knowledge to make an informed decision about incorporating natto into their diet.

By the time readers reach the final page, they will have only one choice—to welcome natto onto their dining tables, as I’ll address any remaining doubts and eliminate all reasons not to. Ha-ha!

In the meantime, please watch this video:


I’ve also created a website for “Natto Unleashed”:


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