Celebrating Natto Day and the Publication of Natto Unleashed

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I am elated to announce that our long-awaited book is now ready for purchase! You can find both Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon.

POD Paperback


To find the book in your region, simply replace ‘com’ in the URL with your local Amazon code or type ‘natto’ into the Amazon search bar. Our book should appear among the top results.

It brings me immense pleasure to announce that, as planned, we’ve successfully launched our book to coincide with today’s special celebration—July 10th, Natto Day!

To learn more about Natto Day, check out the following post.

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The launch of the first all-inclusive, English-language natto book on this auspicious day couldn’t be more fitting. From today onwards, natto will reach an international audience, and by next year, we can all celebrate Natto Day globally!

To mark this milestone, I’ll be creating some of the natto dishes featured in the book and recording a video of the process. Keep an eye out for it!

Thank you all for your steadfast support and enthusiasm. Now, let’s embark on our natto journey together!

Happy Natto Day!

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