The Paperback Version Will be Published on September 22nd.

Finally, the book is ready. The paperback version will be published on September 22nd.

This is the back cover.

It is a print on demand book sold on Amazon.

It will be available on (The U.S.) (The U.K.) (France) (Germany) (Italy) (Spain)

and (Japan)

It is a 112-page long book, so it is easy to read. I expanded the kindle version which had just 34 pages, therefore it has a lot more contents than the e-book. The revised version of the kindle book will be published on the same day, as well.


Chapter 1 The Secret to Staying Young from the Healthiest People in Japan

Chapter 2 Ikigai and Sanpo-Yoshi

Chapter 3 Organically Grown Vegetables vs. Naturally Grown Vegetables

Chapter 4 The Secret of the Traditional Japanese Diet Part 1: How to Optimize Fermented Foods

Chapter 5 The Secret of the Traditional Japanese Diet Part 2: Zen Shojin Diet

Chapter 6 Low Carb Diet vs. Brown Rice

Chapter 7 The Superfood Rice Alternatives to Brown Rice

Chapter 8 Kyodo Ryori: the Authentic Washoku

Chapter 9 Wheat vs. Rice: the Ikigai Diet for Europeans

Chapter 10 The Seven Foods That Will Age You Faster

Chapter 11 The Secret of Japanese Longevity: How Over What

Chapter 12 Adding Hygge to the Japanese Diet

Chapter 13 Ikigai diet menus

Chapter 14 Ikigai Exercises

Chapter 15 Ikigai Mindset

Chapter 16 Satoyama Living

Chapter 17 How to Find and Live Your Ikigai

The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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