Tsukimi, Moon Viewing: a Japanese Secret to Longevity

Tsukimi, moon viewing is a Japanese secret to longevity. That is something I am going to talk about today.

It was Jugoya in Japan last night and we could see a beautiful moon. Jugoya is time to celebrate our harvest while looking at the full moon. It is held on August 15th in the lunar calendar, therefore it changes every year in the Gregorian calendar. It is October 1st this year.

The full moon we look at is called Chushu No Meigetsu, meaning a beautiful moon in the middle of autumn. We had the custom to eat Mochi and drink Sake in our Engawa, Japanese porch, but recently not many people do it. It is one of the traditional events fading away.


We had a celebration in our yard. Since it is an event to appreciate your harvest, I brought the book I had just published and thanked the moon for it.


The moon goes well with the Kawara roof of our gate.


In chapter 16 of The Ikigai Diet, I discussed how Satoyama living was part of Japanese naturalists and centenarians’ lifestyle. Tsukimi is one representation of Satoyama life that we lived in accordance with the natural rhythm. Living with the natural rhythm is one of the keys to longevity, and celebrating on full moon is one of them.

The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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