Nordic Walking Morning After the New Moon

I went Nordic walking this morning since it was the morning after the new moon. As I indicated in Chapter 16 of The Ikigai Diet, that it was good to celebrate every new moon and full moon, I live accordingly.

The new moon is the time to make wishes, but in my case, I do Kamion Kansha meditation, to appreciate what has been manifested already.

What is Kamion Kansha meditation?

In other words, I do Kamion Kansha on both the new moon and the full moon. I don’t make wishes, I just take actions necessary to achieve my goals. It is up to me and it isn’t something somebody else will provide. I know that the gods support me whether I ask them or not. I don’t need to ask them. It is more a question of whether I can serve my part or not in whatever the plans they have for humanity.

When you set Sanpo-Yoshi goals, it automatically becomes like that. If your goals help people around you and society in general, surely gods support them. You don’t need to ask them for their support. They already do and all you need to do is to appreciate their support.

Anyway, walking on the ground makes you aware of the natural kingdom. You feel you are part of the surroundings, and somehow the gut microbiota, the soil, the trees, the birds, the sun, and the moon are all connected.


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