Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I Miso Soup

I said that some country-style miso soup can have all of the Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I in the ingredients. Although country-style miso soup has a lot of ingredients, it doesn’t usually have all of them. You might not have fish, or you might not have sesame seed.

What are Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I ? Watch this.


I would like to make miso soup with all of  Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I ingredients. I don’t have time to make it today but I’ll try to make one tomorrow and share it with you.

I’ll put tofu as Ma, I’ll sprinkle sesame seed or hemp seed as Go, Wa is easy because we always put seaweed in miso soup. Ya is easy, too, we always put veggies. I’ll put Niboshi as fish, I’ll put Shiitake as Shi, and finally, I’ll put Satoimo as I.

Wow, I am already excited. It’s gonna be a super, super dish.


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