January 10th is a Day for Ebisu, a God of Business Prosperity

In Japan, especially in Western Japan, January 10th is a special day. It is a day for a god called Ebisu. It is a god of business prosperity and many shops hang a picture of Ebisu on their walls.

Merchants and Business owners celebrate today wishing for their business success.


Since I am a modern day Omi-merchant, I am celebrating the day with Yebisu beer, beer of Ebisu, it is pronounced as Ebisu. I know the glass is Guinness’s, but inside is Yebisu.

Yebisu beer is a little more expensive than regular beer such as Asahi and Kirin, but it is the most popular tastewise.

Well, cheers for your business prosperity. You know health and wealth originally mean the same,  if you are talking about Sanpo-Yoshi wealth.

What is Sanpo-Yoshi? Watch this.


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