What If You Don’t Have Time to Plan Your Weekly or Monthly Menus?

In the last post, I introduced how to plan for your health in 2021. While it is beneficial to plan your weekly menu if you want to lead a long, healthy, and happy life, some of us don’t even have time to plan our diet. We are busy with many other things and can’t sit down to think of what to eat.

In that case, what can you do?

Well. one thing you can do is decide on one dietary habit you want to implement in your daily life, and focus just on that action.

Fermented Whole Grains and Natto

That could be eating fermented whole grains that I introduced in Chapter 9 Wheat vs. Rice: the Ikigai Diet for Europeans in the book.

Or, it could be eating Natto.

These actions alone can make a lot of difference. If I were to pick one thing that is the most important dietary action, I would pick one of the two. In other words, these two are equally important.

Once you make one of these a routine, it becomes your habit and you can practice it automatically.

In my case, making and eating fermented brown rice and Natto is my routine, and I make Natto once a week and fermented brown rice twice a week. I have been doing it for nearly three years now. In your case, you can choose one of them.

Nevertheless, these two are still difficult because you have to learn how to make them. Well, for Natto, you can always buy it, recently Natto is sold at Japanese grocery stores or natural food stores in most countries.


If applying fermented whole grains and Natto eating in your diet is too big of a task, you can just eat a lot of vegetables. Make sure that every meal includes vegetables. Half of it should be veggies. And eat a wide variety of them. Go to the store and buy all seasonal vegetables, and consume them in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You don’t have to use all vegetables in one meal, just two or three is enough, but try to use all of them by splitting them up into different meals within a few days.

Diversity is key in the Ikigai Diet. There is no single superfood, each vegetable has different nutrients that can help you, and by consuming a wide variety of them, you always absorb well-balanced nutrients.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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