I Walk about 3500 Steps Each Day Doing my House Chores 

I got a smartwatch that can measure my steps, and I measured my steps during Nordic walking today. I walked for about 40 minutes, and it was around 4500 steps. It wasn’t as many as I thought. I thought I had walked 8000 steps, which is the number of steps recommended each day.

Does it mean I need to walk longer?

Then at the end of the day, it reached 8000. Oh, it means I am walking 3500 steps in the house. My room is on the second floor and whenever I go to the bathroom or kitchen, I have to walk up and down the stairs. I do the laundry every day, and when I dry the clothes, I take them to the yard back and forth. I do end up walking a lot in the house. I didn’t realize I was walking over 3000 steps though.

But it proves the point of Moving Naturally, one of the habits of centenarians. They move a lot in their daily life. They do the housework, work in the garden, and sometimes fix things. You don’t think that is much but when it adds up, it can be a decent exercise.

Setting the office upstairs is a good idea, too. I set the environment where I have to walk a lot. It is the opposite of permaculture. Instead of designing the layout of your land to use less energy, you can design your living environment to use more energy.


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