How to Make Fermented Brown Rice

Fermented brown rice is one of the two kings of superfoods that I recommend in the Ikigai Diet, the other one being Natto.

I eat fermented brown rice every day and it has been my routine to make fermented brown rice twice a week in the last few years. I make Natto once a week, and I never skip these two habits, even when I am very busy and fail to perform some other actions in the Ikigai Diet.

If you can’t remember all the things I recommended in the book, just practice these two.

For the Europeans, fermented whole grains such as wheat berries, spelt berries, oat groats, and barely groats are also good.

Today, I will share with you how to make fermented brown rice.


Things you need to make fermented brown rice

1, brown rice 900g

2, Azuki beans 50g

3, natural salt 5g

4, water 1620ml

5, a pressure cooker

6, a jar rice cooker

I usually cook 900g of rice because we eat a lot of fermented brown rice in our family but it can be 450g if you don’t eat so much. Then use 25g of Azuki beans, 2.5g of natural salt, and 810ml of water. If you can’t get hold of Azuki beans, you can use black beans, too. If you can’t get hold of black beans either, don’t worry about it, you can make fermented brown rice without the beans.

How to make fermented brown rice


First, you put 900g of brown rice into the pressure cooker.



Next, you add 50g of Azuki beans.


Then, you pour water, and wash the rice and beans.


After washing them, you add 5g of salt.


And pour 1620ml of water.


You stir it clockwise many times. Some say you need to keep string it clockwise for 8 minutes, but I don’t do that because I soak it for about 12 hours instead. People who stir it for 8 minutes do so to help the fermentation process, and they soak it for about 3 hours. For me, 8 minutes are too long to keep string it. so I just stir it 33times. Then soak it for 12 hours because soaking it longer can also help the fermentation process. There is no specific meaning of 33 times, 33 is a lucky number and I like to use it.


After 12 hours.


You put the lid on and set the pressure on high, and start cooking with high flame.


When the pressure comes on, you turn down the gas to low flame, and cook it for 15 minutes.

15 minutes later, you turn the gas off, and leave it for another 15 minutes.


When the pressure is completely gone, you can open the lid.


Rice and beans are cooked.


You move the rice to a jar rice cooker because it has a warming function. You can keep rice warm for as long as you like. To ferment rice you need to leave it for 3 to 4 days at about 70 degrees centigrade.

Once a day, you need to stir rice to let the oxygen in.


4 days later, the rice is completely fermented.

You can start eating it from the second day or the third day since it takes a few days to consume it. If you start eating it on the second day, you’ll be eating it on the second, third, and fourth day. If you wait until the fourth day, you’ll be eating it on the fourth, fifth, and sixth day. The best timing is around the fourth day, so it is up to you.

The reason why I cook it twice a week is that I can keep a good rotation. I cook the next one on the fourth day when the first one is ready. This way, by the time we finish eating the first one, the next one is ready to eat.


That’s it. That was the recipe for fermented brown rice. To make other fermented whole grains, you can make them in the same way.


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