You Can Get a Jar Rice Cooker in Most Countries Now

This is a jar rice cooker I found at a store in England. I think you can get a jar rice cooker in most countries now. At least, Amazon has one.

It is something most people in Japan use. We cook rice in it and keep warming it there after cooking it. In the case of white rice, you don’t want to keep it inside too long. You need to consume it within a day or at least by the next day.

For brown rice, you can keep it inside for a long time because it ferments.

As I told you yesterday, you need to keep it there for three to four days to make fermented brown rice.

I have tried making it in an aga oven, and I could, but it is easier with a jar rice cooker. So if you want to make fermented brown rice or other fermented whole grains, I recommend that you buy one. If you buy one which can cook brown rice, you can do the whole process just with this cooker, although I recommend that you use a pressure cooker for the cooking part.

The best thing is having both. It is a good investment, considering how many times you can make fermented brown rice, fermented wheat berries, fermented spelt berries, fermented oats groats, and fermented barley groats.


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