HIIT at a Shrine and a Shinon Kansha Candle

Since it was Sunday today I had a break from regular intermittent fasting and exercises, and yet I ended up doing HIIT, High-Intensity Interval Training.

We went to a shrine called Tarobo, which has a lot of steps to climb to the shrine, and steps are steep.

There are 740 steps. I climbed 20 steps and rested for 10 seconds. I repeated the process a way over 8 times. It ended up being a lot more intense than regular HIIT.


When we reached the shrine, there were some good luck charm candles, and among them, I found Shinon Kansha, which means to appreciate gods for graces they have already given us.

I had never seen this candle before. Usually, they are for health, business success, passing exams, winning sporting matches, and so on, for your personal gains.


Shinon Kansha is something I always do, and I was so happy to have found it.


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