Back to 16-Hour Fast and Regular NW and HIIT

It is Monday again and I am back at my regular routine; doing a 16-hour fast and Nordic walking with HIIT.

It is getting brighter and warmer in the morning. When I go Nordic walking I feel the air of Spring. That is another reason I can’t pass Nordic walking. It puts me in touch with the season and natural surroundings that you can’t connect with HIIT. In fact, I would pick NW over HIIT if I had to choose between the two regardless of the fact that HIIT is considered by David Sinclare to be the most effective exercise for longevity. In addition to connecting you with nature, it puts you in a positive mental state, which itself has a strong effect on your gut health. There is research also done by Harvard University that happy people live longer.

Anyway, I can do both in my case. It takes only 10 minutes to do HIIT, and it isn’t troublesome to do it after Nordic walking.

I have done this new routine for three weeks now, and it feels fantastic.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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