What is EI?

This is the 6th week of my intermittent fasting with morning Nordic walk and HIIT. It is good to go walking in the morning, I can feel the awakening energy. It is spring now, it has further awakening energy. Cherry blossoms have started to bud. Yes, I can feel that spring equinox is approaching.

In the last post, I said that the Aquarian energy would accelerate after the spring equinox, and you would want to take advantage of the equinox to develop your EI, so that you would be able to be part of the Aquarian revolution taking place in the 2020s.

What is EI? That is something I am going to talk about today.

EI means Enlightened Intelligence.

It doesn’t mean you are enlightened if you have EI. To be enlightened in the Buddhist sense is a lot more profound and I have no intention of making such a bold claim.

It is more like integrated intelligence or you would perceive things based on your awareness of body, mind, and spirit. You would have a balance among these three areas.

Now, you can access massive information within a short period of time and you are more knowledgeable than ever before. You used to go to the library to do your research but now you can find anything online, much faster than before. There are tons of blog posts and YouTube videos on the topic, let alone Wikipedia. There are even book summary videos so that you don’t need to read books. You can get the outline in a matter of five minutes. There are a lot of new scientific discoveries and you can access the latest one online and keep updating your knowledge.

That is a power an individual has today. That is one of the elements that make you impact the world more effectively than before. You can create a lot more influential social movement than you had been able to back in the 2000s, 80s, and 60s.

But so does the establishment. They have a lot more tools to control you. They have more money to use things like AI, for example. Intelligence alone can’t help you be ahead of them.

This is already showing in SNSs that how easily people are manipulated. I have seen a lot of knowledgeable people being instigated to form certain views. They know how to stimulate your egos of wanting to know more or accessing the information masses don’t have.

Technological advancement made you more intelligent than before but at the same time made you less balanced. Because of the convenience such as the customization, you have become less tolerant, and unable to wait for your desire to be satisfied or bear inconvenient situations. Because you learn everything so quickly you don’t have time to absorb information at a natural integrated pace. It is almost like animals being fed with growth hormones and grow unproportionally.

There was a benefit in the traditional way of learning such as spiritual training at a Zen temple. The trainees had to go through many years of household work before they are allowed to undergo some spiritual training. The knowledge was not given until they reach a certain level of personal development.

We wouldn’t be seeing flaming on SNSs with negative comments from a bunch of smartasses if there were such a learning system-haha.

The establishment can take advantage of your big-headedness.

However, if you develop your EI, they won’t be able to control you nor compete against you because that is something they can’t gain. To gain EI, you need love and compassion, and if they had them, they wouldn’t want to control you in the first place.

More and more we need to work on other areas of our growth such as body and spirit.

To do it, you need to do digital fasting. You want to be offline from time to time and spend more time in nature, and spend more time meeting people face to face.

Everything I said in the Ikigai Diet helps you develop your EI. It is designed that way. That is why it is holistic; having four areas; diet, exercise, mindset, and a lifestyle. Cooking ikigai diet dishes and having dinner parties with family and friends is one way of increasing your face-to-face communication. Working in the garden, going walks in the wood, and celebrating celestial events all help you get in touch with nature.

On top of that, there is something you can do on the day of the spring equinox.

From A.I. to E.I.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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