Seven Ways to Tune into the Energy of the Spring Equinox to Gain Enlightened Intelligence

How to tune into the energy of the spring equinox to gain EI, Enlightened Intelligence so that you can participate in the Aquarian revolution in the Age of Air. That is what I am going to share with you today.

But first, I want to make sure you understand that nothing happens overnight, and you can not gain EI in one day. It takes a long time through working on many areas of your personal growth.

The bottom line is that you need to practice the Ikigai Diet; four areas I introduced in the book; diet, exercise, mindset, and lifestyle.

Provided that you are practicing them daily, you can utilize celestial events such as equinoxes to accelerate your transformation.

This coming spring equinox is significant because it is the first spring equinox, which is considered to be the new year’s day in the Cosmos, in the Age of Air. Since the Great Conjunction on December 22nd, there have been three turning points to stimulate the energy of the Air Age; January 1st, February 3rd, and February 12th. And the spring equinox will be the fourth turning point.

Things you can do on the spring equinox day


1, Earthing

Go to a park or any field and walk on your barefoot or lie down on your back. Feel the earth energy. Feel that you are part of GAYA.

2, A Power spot

Visit a power spot nearby. It can be a mountain, a church, a temple, or a beach.

3, Sunrise

Watch the sunrise. Going somewhere at sunrise is a popular activity at equinoxes and solstices.

4, Meditate

Meditation is always a good way to tune into this sort of celestial energy. You can do any kind of meditation, whether it is Zen meditation or Vipassana Meditation. I recommend what I call detox meditation because in oriental philosophy spring equinox is a time of cleansing.

Detox meditation has four meditations.

A, cleansing meditation

Think of your acts or words that may have hurt someone recently and apologize. You don’t need to call that person and say sorry, just apologize in your mind.

B, praising meditation

Think of your acts or words that may have helped someone recently and praise yourself for doing them.

C, forgiveness meditation

Think of others’ acts or words that may have hurt you recently and forgive them for them.

D, appreciation meditation

Think of others’ acts or words that may have helped you recently and thank them for them.

A and C are especially important because they are difficult to do. You need to face the negative sides of yourself and you’d rather avoid it, if you can. You’d rather be positive and focus on B and D, which is okay and B and C are equally vital, but in order to be positive in a true sense, you need to face the negative first.  The spring equinox is the time of balance since the length of day and night is the same. It is just in the middle of Yin and Yang. You want to value both negativity and positivity. Especially now, we are entering the Age of Air, you need to cleanse yourself and release your negative energy in order to move on to the new era.

You can also appreciate everything happening in your life. Find something you feel grateful and appreciate gods or your higher self for manifesting that reality.

5, Pray for Sanpo-Yoshi world

Pray for the world where you’ll be happy, people you have direct contact with will be happy, and society will be happy. Sanpo-Yoshi is a way to go in the Age of Air and the Age of Aquarius.  You and others are connected in oneness and so is society. In order for you to be happy, people around you need to be happy and the wider community needs to be happy. I know many people want to use the energy of spring equinox for personal gains, and that is fine but more you think about it, the best thing for you is to be backed up by the Aquarian energy. From now on, the more you are aligned with the Aquarian energy, the more successful you’ll become. You want to release the old way of thinking and just trust the new energy. Sanpo-Yoshi is the way to go.

6, Listen to happy music

Some of you may not be able to go outside due to lockdown. You can still do 4 and 5, and maybe 3 if you have a balcony or a window where you can see the sunrise. You can do many things inside the house. Feeling positive is important. So spend your day feeling happy. Listening to pleasant music is one way. Watching a heartwarming movie is another way. Watching comedy is another way.

7, Celebrate

Finally, you want to celebrate the day. It is a festival after all. Have a drink and enjoy it. You can do Ima Iwai, if you like, to celebrate the present. Appreciate everything happening in your life now and celebrate it.

If you want to know more about Ima Iwai, watch this.

Well, there is no correct way of spending the spring equinox. Just do whatever you feel comfortable with. You can choose just one out of seven, or you can do several if you like, or you can do anything else you feel benefits you.

I hope you have a happy spring equinox.


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