Satoyama Cycling and Trail Running

Recently, I go trail running during my Satoyama cycling. I cycle to a hill, stop my bike, and run on the trail. It is fun to run in the woods. It is a little different from cycling. Cycling can be strenuous when you cycle uphill, but when you combine it with trail running, you use slightly different muscles, and you are running on the actual ground, which itself has some earthing effect.


I sometimes lie on the ground like that to feel the energy of the earth.


Trail running allows you to go into the area difficult to get to by bike.

The greatest thing of all is that I can do all of it in my one-hour break.

It is Friday today. The last day of my fasting. In a few hours, I’ll be completing the third quarter of my Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting.


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