How to Make Autophagy Activating Fiber Rich Natto Chilled Chinese Noodles

It was summer solstice yesterday, and I went Nordic walking in the morning. I did my regular sun gazing meditation, looking at the morning sun a little after the sunrise.

It began raining when I finished Nordic walking, so I didn’t go to a mountain or anything.

We have entered the rainy season in Japan, and it is raining almost every day.

That means, it is the beginning of summer and time to think of summer dishes.

Yes, we have many summer dishes in Japanese dining culture. We have cold Udon, Soba, Somen, which are all noodles, Hiyayakko, cold tofu, cold eggplants, and Hiyashi Cyuuka, chilled Chinese noodles.

Hiyashi Cyuuka is like cold ramen, and it is one of the most popular summer dishes.

Today, I am sharing you with a video about Natto chilled Chinese noodles. It isn’t a regular one where you might just add Natto to Hiyashi Cyuuka, it is an autophagy activating and fiber-rich version.