Kate Bush Running Up That Hill, Wuthering Heights in Japan

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Around the same time three years ago, I was in Devon, UK.  My son and I spent his entire summer vacation in England.

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I went back there nearly for the first time in 33 years. When I say nearly, I did go back there once in between but it was a short stay so it was the first time in 33 years to stay for a certain period. I felt like I was living there again and brought all my memories back.  I visited some friends from the time I initially lived there, and they brought back the memories more. It was a nostalgic holiday yet felt strange because of the time gap. We all got old, completely different from in our 20s.


When I heard that Kate Bush’s  Running Up That Hill became a big hit again after 37 years, it reminded me of that feeling again. I was in the U.K. in 1985 and of course, I knew the song.

Not so much of Running Up That Hill, but Wuthering Heights was a song I listened to over and over again. It was because one of my flatmates was a big fan of Kate Bush and was playing her CD, or it may have been cassette, all day long.

So, eventually Kate Bush became one of my favorite female singers along with Joni Michell and Rickie Lee Jones.

Just like nobody knows Joni Michell and Rickie Lee Jones, Kate Bush is not known in Japan. Everybody knows Queen and Rolling Stones, but not Kate Bush. I don’t think Running Up That Hill is popular in Japan yet because people don’t watch Stranger Things.

However, everybody has heard of Wuthering Heights in Japan, or at least, they would recognize the sound if they hear it. This is because the song was used as the theme song of a TV program called Koi no Karasawagi, which was hosted by famous comedian Sanma Akashiya.

Anyway, the revival of Running Up That Hill might bring another 80s boom, it was only a few years ago when Queen had their revival.

And one of the secrets to staying young is to continue listening to the music from the good old days.

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