From Sprint to Jumping: Additional Outdoor Exercises for over 50

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I told you that I did cardiovascular exercises three times a week and strength training three times a week, and in my strength training I just worked on my upper body because I worked on my lower body when I went Nordic walking and jogging.

In my case, I also walk up and down the stairs 12 to 15 times a day in the house because my study is on the second floor and the kitchen, bathroom, and everything else are on the 1st floor.

However, if it only walking and jogging, it may not be enough to train your lower body muscles. To train your lower body muscles, you need a little higher intensity workouts.

In that case, here is an optional. You can make one of the strength training days a lower body strength training day.

It is said that the major cause of death for senior citizens is from falling. Not necessarily from falling directly but the injuries lead to bedridden conditions and gradually make you weaker.

To prevent you from falling, you want to particularly train your lower body muscles, which includes some balance training, too.

I uploaded a video on it. How I do my lower body workouts.



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