Koso Genmai, the Ultimate Japanese Superfood

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Have you ever heard of Koso Genmai?

It means fermented brown rice in Japanese, but the literal translation is enzyme brown rice.

Koso means enzyme.

While brown rice has been the staple food in the Japanese natural food movement, and it was stressed in Shokuyoukai, the first wave of the natural food movement and taken over to the macrobiotic diet, Kose Genmai is a new trend among Shizenha people.

For detail about Shokuyoukai, please watch this video.

Koso Genmai is popular because it increases the nutrients tremendously by fermenting brown rice.

It is said to increase dietary fiber to 127%, protein to 115%, vitamin B2 to 125%, vitamin B1 to 134%, iron to 190%, and calcium to 178%. It is the ultimate superfood, having the benefits of whole food and fermented food.

According to the study by Dr. Justine Sonnenburg and his team at Stanford University, fermented foods boost microbiome diversity. https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-new…

Fiber is the other thing that boosts your gut health, and whole food contains full of fiber.

Can you imagine what Koso Genmai can do to your gut?

So. I made a video on how to make it.

I already have a post here on it but the video version may be easier for some of you.

How to Make Fermented Brown Rice

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